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MAGNETS, Bitches

“MAGNETS, BITCHES.”  It’s time for the old fashion stick pin for corsages and boutonnières to end.  I know it’s what’s been done since blind Mary Ingalls married the hot school teacher, but enough is enough.  I have seen holes in brand new clothes, broken flowers, wimpy placing, top heavy flowers.  When will it stop?  NOW!  No more stick pins demand magnets and even buy them yourself on the internet if need be.  Everyone will thank you!



Pale Yellow Boutonnière

Pale Yellow Boutonnière


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Let Them Eat Wedding Cake

Every wedding I see the most brilliant ideas and of course it’s always simple, creative, where you say to yourself, why didn’t I think of that?

Last weekend Teddy & Hannah tied the knot at City Roots Farm in Columbia, they had family members make cake and pies that were their favorite or family member’s favorites.

Of course they were delicious, but the most delicious idea was the little printed recipe cards designed by Three Eggs Design, of course Hannah found them on Etsy.  I don’t know why any wedding is cookie cutter these days.  Thank you ETSY!  Such a great idea and a beautiful wedding filled with sugar and love!


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