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There are many things I would love to change about weddings. No matter how offbeat, non traditional couples say they are, there is still a formula or traditions that just can’t be shaken.  This couple called me and asked was I available for an impromptu wedding in a greenway. Why YES, I thought you would never ask! Everyone showed up, they proclaimed their love and went to brunch. Everything about their wedding was magical. Closest friends and family members, pedestrians saying, “best wishes.” No matter if you spend $100 or $100,000, you’re still married.

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I Prospose a Toast!

Oh my gosh, I sincerely love the smell of toast.  How quickly I get off track.  I joke and say, I eat a lot of cake and drink bad Chardonnay in the wedding photography business.  Now, I can add to the list, I hear a lot of bad toasts.  People read up on these helpful hints or make sure you do a little research before you bunker down to write yours.

Proper Toast Tips:

Proper Wedding Toast Tip #1: Leave the Skeletons In the Closet- it’s ok to tell a funny quick story, make sure it’s not hurtful to anyone in the group and try not to over use I!    No drunken escapades or stories of jail and certainly not past romances.

Proper Wedding Toast Tip #2: If You Aren’t Funny, Don’t Try To Be- be charming and witty or whatever your strong point may be.

Proper Wedding Toast, Tip #3: Be Soberin some circles this is nearly impossible, but you know, don’t be sloppy drunk.

Run your toast by your favorite editor or Miss Manners person and practice. Be heartfelt and precise.  Most importantly, be relaxed and sincere.

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The Vanlandingham Estate

Krista and Eric were one of my first weddings, they threw a great bash.  It was a beautiful October evening, with plenty of booze flowing, good food and a fun crowd.  Are all weddings like this?  The Vanlandingham is a great mix of southern charm and  hospitality.  The best perk of the Vanlandingham Estate is the beautiful backdrop, you can take photos from every angle and it is gorgeous.  Best wishes on your nuptials!

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Tom & Kalli

I met Tom and Kalli recently, they met in college and Kalli was going to move away.  Tom knew he didn’t want her to slip away, so he decided to propose a little early.  Awwwwww, romance.  Very cute couple, fun and their whole life is ahead of them. Their wedding day is Saturday May 15, 2012, Charlotte, NC.  Can’t wait!  Photos taken around Uptown Charlotte and South Charlotte by Poprock Photography.



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Offbeat Bride Charlotte NC

Here comes the bride, all dressed in….(needle going off the record) white and pink,  these days a bride can wear anything and have any theme. It’s nice to see all the new ideas and the antiquated slowly fade. I met this bride on a thirsty Sunday afternoon at a local honky-tonk for her bridal session. Thanks to the Thirsty Beaver in Charlotte, NC for accommodating us. No one can resist a bride! Even the cantankerous

old maid in the bar still stole a few glances. We had a rip-roaring time and a few PBRs to boot. Not bad for a days work.

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