Bad Ass Boutonnière

Non traditional boutonnière, dogwood leaf, ordered off of the interweb from
JohnMan 875

The wedding was in Banner Elk, NC, the groom wore a lighter navy blue suit from JCrew. He looked amazing. His boutonnière wins Best in Show. I have to look up boutonnière every time I want to type it, in fact the minute I search, bou, it’s the first word. I should win Best in Spelling.

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Poprock Booze Clues

Poprock Booze Clues

There is always a mad rush for the bar at the end of a ceremony, creating long lines and cranky guest trying to remain polite. Some restaurants are ahead of the game by having trays of cocktails or wine, which works deliciously, but is rare. This weekend’s couple had sealed Mason jars of Margaritas in large galvanized tubs complete with a marker to write your name, reuse the glass during the reception and take home with you!

Talk about brilliant, thoughtful and fun!
Best wishes Dorothy + Karen, loved your wedding style!

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Julia + Erik

Julia + Erik got married at Freedom Park in Charlotte, October 24, 2010. I was only a wedding photography year in, so I couldn’t fully enjoy the best thing about this wedding, because I didn’t realize it was the best thing yet! Hindsight is 20/20, right?

Julia and Erik were out in the crowd before they got married, they were saying hello and hugging everyone, yes.. two and half years later, it still brings tears to my eyes. It was really magical, the love in the air was electric. No other bride has done this, it was amazing to witness. And some people might poo poo the idea but walking down the aisle to get married is magical no matter, if you live together, you are already married, you just saw each other ten minutes ago.. it’s still butterflies and nerves!!

Here’s Julia’s Yelp review of her wedding…. awwww. Thanks Julia!!!

“Ready for girly omg-my-wedding-photographer-was-so-awesome gushiness? Yeah? Good, cos here we go.

First let me just say, I like Tonya. A lot. She’s hilarious, confident, cute, and extremely personable. Southern Belle-ish with a healthy dose of punkrawk. I also like Tonya’s photography a lot – it, too, is hilarious, colorful, poppy. She loves crooked angles, peeling sign paint, pirates, graffiti and bright colors, so her taste and mine align.

But it’s the Loooove and zeal she has for shooting that really makes her special. She gets into a zone and just goes and goes, gets the most cantakerous gramps to smile for el camara, cuts a lame joke to get a real smile (and it works! time after time!), all while showing up at every damn moment of your entire weekend, cute outfit on, camera in hand, smiling and hugging and buying you cocktails and telling you you’re gorgeous.

All for a reasonable price. Effing awesome.”

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Sunny Days The Apple Barn Valle Crusis Wedding

sunny + bruce

“Tonya Russ Price at Poprock Photography is an event photographer with a fabulous eye and amazing talent. She does more non-traditional “documentary style” pictures, which is exactly what I wanted. She traveled about 2 hours to be at our event in the mountains (and to do engagement photos beforehand, which were a blast and turned out awesome). I can’t really put into words how happy I am with the beautiful record of our day. She did more than just take pictures; she captured the spirit of the event, the guests, and our love for each other. You won’t regret hiring her and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll enjoy having her around! She’s a lot of fun on top of it all! (She also charms family members … my aunts all fell in love with her and she good-naturedly put up with their nickname of “Smurfette.” She’s awesome all the way around!) Can’t recommend her enough!”
Sunny ~ Wedding Wire Review Wedding June 2012

s&b II 241




bridal party




s&b 631

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Engagement Photos Charlotte is my jam.

I love engagement sessions! It’s like weddings without the stress and bad Chardonnay! It also gives me a chance to get to know my future brides and/or grooms and gives them a chance to see how I work. It’s a win win!

Hailey and Dan are getting hitched April 26, 2014! I wonder how many engagement sessions we will have before then!

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Wedding Bouquet St Marys Chapel Charlotte NC

corbin 680James + Jessica got married last week, they had a small ceremony in a tiny chapel in NC, it was a lovely, intimate affair. They had 49 of their closest friends and family.

There were many things that I loved about their wedding, but what really caught my eye was the bouquet, since they didn’t have attendants, Jessica put her flowers on the alter, not only does it give the bridesmaid a break by holding two bouquets in most weddings, it puts a little color in the background.

Jessica’s bouquet Lilly Greenthumb’s
Hair TEASE of Charlotte NC
Makeup Scott Arnold MAC at Southpark Mall

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Off Kilter Bride

Off Kilter
: a bit askew
: eccentric, unconventional
CJL 518

Courtney + Jamie had a beautiful ceremony, it started with a quick text asking me to mark my calendar for a Thursday three weeks from now! Marked on calendar! Done. You had me at wedding at NoDa Brewery.

This was a small intimate ceremony with friends and family. They had one of their friends play guitar and sing a couple of songs, one of their dearest friends as the officiant, complete with a sailor’s cap and full beard! Somewhere between Amish and ZZtop but it a sexy way.
CJL 324<img

Some of the most simplest weddings that I have seen have been the most romantic. Courtney’s dress came from a local vintage store in Charlotte, it was so beautiful, it was hand sewn with the original bride’s name stitched in. She wore second hand Chanel shoes and 50s housewife red lips. Yes, love and joy. Her groom Jamie, wore fitted trousers, monochromatic navy, complete with a driving cap with sexy tattoos sneaking out of his collar.
CJL 507

Beer was flowing freely, of course there was a special brew for the occassion Cozy Rose, a red ale. They had personalized candy bars, handmade buckeyes, a local food truck, The Tin Kitchen made homemade bbq pork stuff mac&cheese cupcakes and mini chicken pot pies and the Tin Kitchen offered their full menu for the wedding guest.
CJL 196

Thursday, 1p Brewery weddings can I get a hell yeah?
CJL 488

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