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There are many things I would love to change about weddings. No matter how offbeat, non traditional couples say they are, there is still a formula or traditions that just can’t be shaken.  This couple called me and asked was I available for an impromptu wedding in a greenway. Why YES, I thought you would never ask! Everyone showed up, they proclaimed their love and went to brunch. Everything about their wedding was magical. Closest friends and family members, pedestrians saying, “best wishes.” No matter if you spend $100 or $100,000, you’re still married.

Contact Poprock Photography for special pricing for elopements and impromptu ceremonies.



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Love on the run!  We are offering an elopement package to celebrate all weddings.  To show our excitement for the recent changes in NC marriage laws, we will provide an officiant and a photographer for your ceremony.  We can customize a package for you whether it’s two or two hundred people   You can give us a budget and we can make it work!  Our basic package starts at $300, includes a disk of images and a video montage.  Let’s us plan everything, all you have to do is get your license at the Register of Deeds and we will have the ceremony, parade, pony show, whatever you dreamed of when you publically declare your love to each other.  We are happy to be spontaneous if it’s last minute too!

Bryce & Jarrett 164 (679x800)

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Poprock Booze Clues

Poprock Booze Clues

There is always a mad rush for the bar at the end of a ceremony, creating long lines and cranky guest trying to remain polite. Some restaurants are ahead of the game by having trays of cocktails or wine, which works deliciously, but is rare. This weekend’s couple had sealed Mason jars of Margaritas in large galvanized tubs complete with a marker to write your name, reuse the glass during the reception and take home with you!

Talk about brilliant, thoughtful and fun!
Best wishes Dorothy + Karen, loved your wedding style!

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LGBT Community Center, Charlotte, North Carolina

I’ve been reaping the benefits of networking full steam lately.  My best score, I was at a fundraiser for Time Out Youth, Charlotte, it was a local production on RENT.  I saw this guy waiting for his friends, so I started talking to him, so he wouldn’t have to stand alone.  We hit it off immediately.  We talked about RENT, photography and booze.  Fun times.  We connect that evening on Facebook and he invites me to a photography gig at the LGBT Center, called the Human Canvas Project.  Don’t know what it is, but I started saying yes to fun things. No need to stay home.

I had no clue what the theme was, but I walk in to my new friend with a g-string and a towel, getting body painted.  Ah-ha! The Human Canvas is naked people with body paint and head pieces made of plastic flowers and trees.  Talk about SCORE!

I didn’t know anyone in this group, except naked g-string guy and we really only talked briefly, but everyone made me feel welcome.  I felt so at home.  I’ve been rolling volunteering around in my brain, maybe this is the push I need to start offering my services to the community.  Or should I just take naked pictures of hot guys and girls?    Here is a little peek into my fun day!

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