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Love on the run!  We are offering an elopement package to celebrate all weddings.  To show our excitement for the recent changes in NC marriage laws, we will provide an officiant and a photographer for your ceremony.  We can customize a package for you whether it’s two or two hundred people   You can give us a budget and we can make it work!  Our basic package starts at $300, includes a disk of images and a video montage.  Let’s us plan everything, all you have to do is get your license at the Register of Deeds and we will have the ceremony, parade, pony show, whatever you dreamed of when you publically declare your love to each other.  We are happy to be spontaneous if it’s last minute too!

Bryce & Jarrett 164 (679x800)


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The Loom Simpsonville SC Morgan + Courtney

Morgan and Courtney think they’re celebrities, they had their baby first.  Then a year later, tied the proverbial knot.  I started my photography company a year ago, around the same time they were starting their family  and they signed up immediately, it was very humbling knowing they had faith in me. I thought it was pretty cool and I better get my act together.

Morgan and Courtney met at work, ohhh, scandal, office romance.  They married in Simpsonville, SC in an old cotton mill, The Loom,  it was a beautiful ceremony.  Just the right amount of modern, simple with a touch of southern charm.  Mason jars,  cotton blooms in the centerpieces and plenty of booze.  What more could you ask for?

I shot this wedding over the span of two days.  I documented everything, the set up for the shrimp boil rehearsal dinner, the rehearsal, followed them around town, hair and make up and shot the wedding till the bitter end.  I posted a few photos across the board to show the span of the paparazzi style shoot out, Morgan and Courtney received over 1000 images, their days were documented!  Fun wedding.

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Duke Mansion Charlotte Wedding Bliss

Usually if I book a wedding, by the time the wedding rolls around, I feel like I am friends with the bride, you can’t help but to feel a closeness to people when you have spent hours with them and then more hours editing their photos.  I think no matter how many years pass you would never forget a bride and some family members!  For better or for worse.

This wedding, I did not meet the bride and groom before the ceremony, but looking at their photos reminds me how special it is to be able to spend hours with people on this very extraordinary day in their lives.  I get a glimpse at one of their happiest days.  I never get tired of weddings.

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Little Church on the Lane Charlotte New Year’s Eve Wedding

I wait tables once a week in a make shift restaurant in the middle of a proper wine shop.  We get lots of neighborhood woman.  My boss always tells me if someone is crazy at the bar, that’s who I like.  I was instantly attracted to Cameron, she is blonde, boisterous and in your face, in a good way.  She tells it like it is.  She has had a lot of drama in her life, but she lets it roll off her back.  I could tell all this in my first hours of vino with her.

We make instant friends and I give her my photography card, now two months later, I am shooting her wedding.  I love how you cross paths with people, you never know what will turn up.  She married a confirmed bacherlor, yes, this is how charming Cameron is.  I met Jay last night, he is funny, strong and tried to resist my camera.  He gave in. 

Cameron got her hair did at TEASE Salon on Central Ave and her make up by Scott Weaver.  She looked gorgeous.

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Offbeat Bride Charlotte NC

Here comes the bride, all dressed in….(needle going off the record) white and pink,  these days a bride can wear anything and have any theme. It’s nice to see all the new ideas and the antiquated slowly fade. I met this bride on a thirsty Sunday afternoon at a local honky-tonk for her bridal session. Thanks to the Thirsty Beaver in Charlotte, NC for accommodating us. No one can resist a bride! Even the cantankerous

old maid in the bar still stole a few glances. We had a rip-roaring time and a few PBRs to boot. Not bad for a days work.

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Engaged:Kelly & Drew Charlotte NC

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Kelly & Drew contacted me on Facebook for some engagement photos.  Meeting a new couple is always fun, it’s  fascinating finding out how they met and how long they’ve been dating, well the scoop on Kelly & Drew…… they went out on their first date and a small fire insued in the restaurant and they had to evacuate, well, they have been together ever since they snuggled evacuation style in front of that restaurant. I really like the way they look at each other. Can’t wait for their nuptials. Four more months. Congratulations & best wishes Kelly & Drew.

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Headshot Charlotte, North Carolina


These busy days of social media mania sometimes we find ourselves with an eight year old photo to use…what’s a girl to do? Call Poprock Photography pronto!  Head shots should not be dreaded, they should be fun and relaxed to convey the true you.

Some helpful hints before you dive into the abyss.

First of all gentle reader, boys and girls, tidy those eyebrows.  Don’t wax the same day, if you know you are getting your head shots done, get your eyebrows groomed four or five days before. If you find that the time has slipped by, by all means, tame those catepillars by threading or good ole’ fashion plucking. For real guys, get those eyebrows tamed.  Same rule with a haircut, try to get your hair trimmed a week or two before. Also, if you color your hair, make sure you grey is covered, roots colored, trimmed & shaped up.

Chapped lips, what a dilemma, lightly brush your lips with your toothbrush and put on chapstick. Cherry chapstick gives your lips a little natural color too. Not necessary, but it is such a good little trick. And of course, a little lipgloss never hurt anyone.

Enough with the white shirts already, people, khaki pants and a white shirt. Really? Everyone looks better in photos with darker colors. Especially if you prefer black and white photos. Dark people with dark hair can rock the white shirts, but fair, blonde  people, throw us a bone and wear some color. Bold prints or some prints that look like optical illusions, don’t do so well.  In photos, even larger folks, where a form fitting shirt, we can do shoulders up and it makes you look thinner.

Also check your tight pants and your muffin tops, make sure buttons are secure, ironing makes a huge difference too. Even ironing a t-shirt looks fantastic in the photo.

Jewelry, unless you wear tons of jewelry all the time, tone it down. If you wear glasses all the time, wear your glasses in the photo.

Make up.. do not wear heavy eye liner unless it’s high fashion, art or punk raaaaawk. Corporate head shots, tone down the raccoon eyes.

Long straight hair, bring a brush, while photographers are taking  photos, make sure you don’t have stray hairs in your mouth and eyes.

Simple tip, of course, we hate to say it, but our mothers were correct, are you ready?  Sit up straight. Shoulders down and roll your shoulders back a little.  Practice in the mirror, keep chin level, slight turn to the left, the right, see what feels comfortable and looks good. Sometimes a little lean forward helps too. Most importantly, as Frankie (goes to Hollywood) would say, “relax”.  Words from a waitress, she said, “people are so uptight when a camera is in their face, just sit back, smile and get it over with.” That really stuck with me, she must have told me this fifteen years ago. And please, no gum chewing. One more important piece of information that really works is, get a good night’s rest.  If possible that day, wake up naturally so you will look refreshed or just take an Ambien, snoooooore.

Be sure to tell your photographer exactly what you want or bring in some photos that you like.  Smile, click, be confident, click, and have fun!

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