“Ready for girly omg-my-wedding-photographer-was-so-awesome gushiness? Yeah?
Good, cos here we go.

First let me just say, I like Tonya. A lot. She’s hilarious, confident, cute, and extremely personable. Southern Belle-ish with a healthy dose of punkrawk. I also like Tonya’s photography a lot – it, too, is hilarious, colorful, poppy. She loves crooked angles, peeling sign paint, pirates, graffiti, and bright colors, so her taste and mine align.But it’s the loooove and zeal she has for shooting that really makes her special.
She gets into a zone and just goes and goes, gets the most cantakerous gramps to
smile for el camara, cuts a lame joke to get a real smile (and it works! time
after time!), all while showing up at every damn moment of your entire weekend,
cute outfit on, camera in hand, smiling and hugging and buying you cocktails and
telling you you’re gorgeous.

All for a reasonable price. Effing awesome.”

julialikesred, offbeat bride tribe member

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