Off Kilter Bride

Off Kilter
: a bit askew
: eccentric, unconventional
CJL 518

Courtney + Jamie had a beautiful ceremony, it started with a quick text asking me to mark my calendar for a Thursday three weeks from now! Marked on calendar! Done. You had me at wedding at NoDa Brewery.

This was a small intimate ceremony with friends and family. They had one of their friends play guitar and sing a couple of songs, one of their dearest friends as the officiant, complete with a sailor’s cap and full beard! Somewhere between Amish and ZZtop but it a sexy way.
CJL 324<img

Some of the most simplest weddings that I have seen have been the most romantic. Courtney’s dress came from a local vintage store in Charlotte, it was so beautiful, it was hand sewn with the original bride’s name stitched in. She wore second hand Chanel shoes and 50s housewife red lips. Yes, love and joy. Her groom Jamie, wore fitted trousers, monochromatic navy, complete with a driving cap with sexy tattoos sneaking out of his collar.
CJL 507

Beer was flowing freely, of course there was a special brew for the occassion Cozy Rose, a red ale. They had personalized candy bars, handmade buckeyes, a local food truck, The Tin Kitchen made homemade bbq pork stuff mac&cheese cupcakes and mini chicken pot pies and the Tin Kitchen offered their full menu for the wedding guest.
CJL 196

Thursday, 1p Brewery weddings can I get a hell yeah?
CJL 488


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