Questions for your Wedding Photographer

Questions you should ask your photographer.

  Answered by Poprock Photography


•  What’s your primary style? Posed & formal, relaxed, photojournalistic, candid, traditional?

I prefer natural images, showing genuine emotion but I understand  the need for formals. My strong suit is candid.  I think everyone can take a good photo, you just have to know the tricks.  This is where an engagement session really comes in handy, never say no to save a few dollars, it is valuable to you and the photographer.

• Do you use an assistant/second shooter? Is there an extra charge for this?

$500 extra for a whole day- Second shooters are fantastic if your budget allows.

• Will you be present at our wedding or send an employee? I am a one man show, unless a second shooter is arranged.

• Will you have backup equipment available? Yes, I have two cameras and two external flashes, plenty of batteries and plenty of memory cards. One of my cameras even backs up itself with two memory cards.
• And what happens if you get ill? I would have to be in the hospital not to show up at your wedding, I have a list for my husband to call photographers if something catastrophic happens.

• Can other people take photos while you are taking photos? Yes.

Not my second shooter!!

• How many photos come in each package?  Mucho!  You will get over 500 images from me of your wedding, I rarely delete old people, even if the photo is average.  Sometimes you even get blurry, non-perfect  photos because I alter them and I end up loving them!!! You could also ask a photographer to see a whole album of a wedding.  Most have them on a site that your friends and family can purchase images anyway, so you can peek at a wedding.

• Will you accept a list of specific photos to be taken? I will certainly accept a list, but it isn’t necessary.  It is good to remind photographers of blending families, so you aren’t calling a step mom the mother of the bride.  And sometimes people have a time frame, then they aren’t ready, someone forgets their lipgloss and one groomsmen/bridesmaid has to go somewhere.. parents are ready, Uncle Larry  is drunk behind the building…  It gets done, you just have to ebb and flow and trust your photographer, this is when it’s important to hire someone who has done multiple weddings.

We know you want a picture with Grandma!

• What attire will you and/or assistants wear? I wear comfort, I usually wear dresses and Converse.

Literally running circles around everyone at a wedding, comfortable shoes a must!!

• What time will you arrive and how long will you stay? I take photos of bride and groom getting ready and stay till the shut down time of event space,  unless specified otherwise.  8 to 10 hours is the norm. Say the wedding is at 4p- I arrive 2p- leave around  10p or 11p.  This is not set in stone, sometimes I go to brunches, bars or lunch with my bride or groom hours before the wedding.

• Should the event last longer than scheduled, will you stay? Extra charge? Yes, if there turns out to be an after party, I will stay for $100 an hour.

• How long after the event will the images be ready?  I try to put 20-100 images on Facebook immediately, then I take my time and go through EVERY image and edit, crop and enhance. Usually disk is in your hands within 40 days.

• What type and how much assistance will your provide in planning an album? Albums can be purchased.  Albums can be anything you desire, mostly are hardback, lay flat, black leather bound albums.

• Do we get the negatives/disk/access to FTP site? You get a disk of all images, free of watermarks.

• Is this your recent work that I’m seeing on your website? Yes, you can look at my blog, and on Facebook

• Do you provide a written contract and guarantee? YES!  Poprock Photography Prenuptial Agreement!  This is the single most reason to hire a professional.  If a friend is doing your wedding, what if they panic when it gets close?  What if their camera malfunctions?  Will they edit all the images and give you a disk? Will it arrive in a timely matter?  Can you hold them accountable if something goes wrong?

• When is the remaining balance after deposit due?  Full payment due 30 days before wedding.



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2 responses to “Questions for your Wedding Photographer

  1. Diana

    How much does it cost to book you for our special day? Thank you!

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