I Prospose a Toast!

Oh my gosh, I sincerely love the smell of toast.  How quickly I get off track.  I joke and say, I eat a lot of cake and drink bad Chardonnay in the wedding photography business.  Now, I can add to the list, I hear a lot of bad toasts.  People read up on these helpful hints or make sure you do a little research before you bunker down to write yours.

Proper Toast Tips:

Proper Wedding Toast Tip #1: Leave the Skeletons In the Closet- it’s ok to tell a funny quick story, make sure it’s not hurtful to anyone in the group and try not to over use I!    No drunken escapades or stories of jail and certainly not past romances.

Proper Wedding Toast Tip #2: If You Aren’t Funny, Don’t Try To Be- be charming and witty or whatever your strong point may be.

Proper Wedding Toast, Tip #3: Be Soberin some circles this is nearly impossible, but you know, don’t be sloppy drunk.

Run your toast by your favorite editor or Miss Manners person and practice. Be heartfelt and precise.  Most importantly, be relaxed and sincere.


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