Sloane + Christian October 8, 2011

Sloane & Christian met in middle school and Sloane told Christian they were getting married.  Christian thought she was crazy.  I wonder if he still thinks that?  Sloane got her way and now she is on her honeymoon on some tropical island with her one true love. They had an outdoor cookout at Christian’s parent’s house the night before with all their friends and family and a beautiful, Beatles themed ceremony  at the Mint Museum Uptown Charlotte.  What a beautiful night filled with laughter and love.

Some of my favorite things about their wedding, first of all the groom and his groomsmen wore sleek grey suits, they looked stunning!  Love, love, love.  Tuxedos are always so illfitting, slim suits look much better. 




They had a rack of vintage postcards and a mailbox to write your well wishes.




And they had a Beatles themed wedding, with one of their dj friends playing vinyl records.  What a great wedding!  Congratulations and best wishes Sloane & Christian.


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