Jazz Hand

I was sitting in a local restaurant hang out on a Tuesday afternoon and there was a cute couple sitting at the bar.  She had a flower in her hair and a beautiful burger in front of her. I could not resist. So I was talking to them, taking photos of their food and taking photos of them too. I give them my card and lo and behold, Jasmine calls me like six or eight months later for her wedding a year from then. In 2011. It was a long time away. I can’t believe it came so fast. Tres & Jasmine tied the proverbial knot on Saturday, September 17, 2011. It was a gorgeous ceremony. They had a Champagne brunch and passed out clear plastic boxes of S’mores fixings for their parting gifts. A day filled with love.  Ladies & gentlemen, Tres & Jasmine Hand!


jazz 009jazz 082 (2)jazz 302jazz 305jazz 558jazz 704jazz 964jazz 1113jazz 1129jazz 1390jazz 1413jazz 1465jazz 1652


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