Wedding Kiss- You May Now Kiss the Bride!

No matter how jaded you are, the words, “you may now, kiss the bride,” perks up everyone, sometimes the romantic notions make you go awwwwwww!  Or it means you are that much closer to the open bar, we are happy to hear the end is near.  The more I shoot weddings the more I learn about weddings.  One important component is the kiss, you would not believe how quick it happens.  You feel like a total asshole if you miss it and believe me, if you aren’t ready when it happens, it’s like trying to capture lighting in a mason jar.

So to all grooms and some brides (wink, wink, yay, NY) make sure you mean business when you kiss!  At least so your photographer can document it properly. Take your time and show us some emotion.  Experts on the matter suggest no tongues, but still passionate.  Too quick- it’s a let down.  So maybe like a first date kiss, you know a G-rated, exciting, first kiss.  Muchas smooches!

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One response to “Wedding Kiss- You May Now Kiss the Bride!

  1. Sherry Robbins

    ” It all started..with a little… this…”

    Beautiful….definitely a kiss to remember………

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