ROOTS- Good. Local. Food

There was a time when you didn’t eat at food trucks unless you were at a local fair and the idea of corn on the cob, fried Snickers, elephant ears and sausage dogs sent you into orbit. Now with the recent, national trend, food trucks are slowly but surely, making their way to good ole’ Charlotte.  Now it’s not uncommon to find arugula and gazpacho on a local street corner.  How exactly did this happen?

I met the owner of Roots at a farm to table dinner out in the country, New London, NC to be exact.  I know right….  Where the world is that?  Well, set your GPS and go visit, it is beautiful, hard to believe you are only an hour a way from Charlotte. Anyway, I got this idea to pick his brain a little and find out where he came from and where can we find his fresh, home grown goods.

Roots is a souped up food truck with a propane fired flat top with a two burner range.  Flip top refrigerator and two sinks. Executive chef, Craig Barbour is a young guy, you could even mistake him for a college kid, but don’t let his boyish good looks fool you, he is spot on with his co-operative connections with local farms, fresh products and creative simple menus.

You can find Roots food truck on the corner of 3rd & Tryon, Monday thru Thursday and Saturday mornings at the Atherton Mills Farmer’s Market on South Blvd.

Visit Chef Craig’s website for some sampling menus or find him on the streets.!/RootsFarmFood

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