LGBT Community Center, Charlotte, North Carolina

I’ve been reaping the benefits of networking full steam lately.  My best score, I was at a fundraiser for Time Out Youth, Charlotte, it was a local production on RENT.  I saw this guy waiting for his friends, so I started talking to him, so he wouldn’t have to stand alone.  We hit it off immediately.  We talked about RENT, photography and booze.  Fun times.  We connect that evening on Facebook and he invites me to a photography gig at the LGBT Center, called the Human Canvas Project.  Don’t know what it is, but I started saying yes to fun things. No need to stay home.

I had no clue what the theme was, but I walk in to my new friend with a g-string and a towel, getting body painted.  Ah-ha! The Human Canvas is naked people with body paint and head pieces made of plastic flowers and trees.  Talk about SCORE!

I didn’t know anyone in this group, except naked g-string guy and we really only talked briefly, but everyone made me feel welcome.  I felt so at home.  I’ve been rolling volunteering around in my brain, maybe this is the push I need to start offering my services to the community.  Or should I just take naked pictures of hot guys and girls?    Here is a little peek into my fun day!

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