Carnival Themed Wedding

I met Amber & Richard a couple of times before their ceremony, they are such a sweet couple, Amber is really bubbly, creative and so excited when she talks about her wedding and Richard is low key, cute, go with the flow, how most men are when they date a strong woman.  

Amber planned her whole wedding and it was a DIY, it looked like a team of professionals decorated her wedding, it was a team of Richard and Amber’s family!  It was too funny, I have never seen more men work on a wedding, it was so refreshing to see everything come together and there were more men than woman.  I loved it, they were putting out candy apples, cutting black and white striped fabric to make runners for the tables, putting flowers out, the best thing was watching them center the wedding cake.   It was hilarious to watch these twenty year old guys doing this work.

Amber is no dummy, she found the right guy.  Much love to Richard & Amber!

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One response to “Carnival Themed Wedding

  1. Sherry Robbins

    Wow ! How original. Fun, colorful and exciting. The photos capture the fun of their Special Day . Thanks for sharing.

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