Little Church on the Lane Charlotte New Year’s Eve Wedding

I wait tables once a week in a make shift restaurant in the middle of a proper wine shop.  We get lots of neighborhood woman.  My boss always tells me if someone is crazy at the bar, that’s who I like.  I was instantly attracted to Cameron, she is blonde, boisterous and in your face, in a good way.  She tells it like it is.  She has had a lot of drama in her life, but she lets it roll off her back.  I could tell all this in my first hours of vino with her.

We make instant friends and I give her my photography card, now two months later, I am shooting her wedding.  I love how you cross paths with people, you never know what will turn up.  She married a confirmed bacherlor, yes, this is how charming Cameron is.  I met Jay last night, he is funny, strong and tried to resist my camera.  He gave in. 

Cameron got her hair did at TEASE Salon on Central Ave and her make up by Scott Weaver.  She looked gorgeous.


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